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AWESOME ART AND DANCE PERFORMANCE in SANTA MONICA, Los Angeles. TWO NIGHTS ONLY - TODAY, Friday, March 18th and TOMORROW Saturday, March 19th at 8:30 pm! This show features Dance, Physical Theater, Projections/Film, Visual Art, Original Music, Quirky Moments and Life Stories and is created byFrancesca Jandasek, Dan Istrate and Stephanie Yezek Jolivet. PLEASE JOIN US! PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!!

Here's more information: ___________________ One moment. Infinity of possibilities. The violence of choice. ToGetHer (by Francesca Jandasek) is a multimedia work exploring the before and after of a lifetime of moments between two people. ToGetHer includes movement and original artwork, music and text, which, when combined, create a unique amalgam of visual, aural and kinesthetic experiences. The feel of this work alternates between an atmosphere of time-lapse and slow motion moments underscored by unique movement, which illustrates the story through connected vignettes. The soundtrack punctuates the different movement vocabularies and the artwork is woven into the performance through video projections. “Hi! I’m the Internet/Street Signs/your SmartPhone/Advertisements/Facebook/[insert other technology or media here], and I control your life. Would you like fries with that?” In the face of virtual “online personas” and a technologically-driven consumer culture, where consumption, visual, physical and otherwise is encouraged, Me@t (by Stephanie Y Jolivet), a multimedia, solo performance asks the question, does a material female body stand a chance, or is she relegated to just another piece of meat? Using a cell phone, projected stills and video pulled from wanderings through virtual and material space together with contemporary movement, Me@t becomes an interactive performance where moving images, personal technology and bodily movement need each other to – transgress? uphold? redirect? reproduce? That’s for you to decide. Friday + Saturday, March 18 + 19 @ 8.30pm $20 general admission / $15 members, students, seniors Buy Tickets! Francesca Jandasek‘s performance and artistic work has spanned nearly two decades. Her interest in contemporary and world dance forms and theater and her long-time home in Washington, DC led her to perform with dance companies, CityDance Ensemble, BosmaDance, Santi Budaya (Indonesian Dance), Sharna Fabiano Tango Company, Tango Mercurio, Dakshina Dance Company (Indian and Modern Dance) and Deviated Theater, and theater companies and directors, Synetic Theater, Natsu Onoda Power, Theater J and Hanna Bondarewska. In 2002, Francesca won an award for “Excellence in Sound Design / Original Composition” for “Prism” during the Metro DC Dance Awards. In 2006, Francesca received the Artist Fellowship for Dance from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and a choreographic fellowship from the Kennedy Center as part of the Millennium Stage Local Dance Commissioning Project. In 2007, she was nominated as one of the finalists for “Emerging Choreographer” for the Metro DC Dance Awards. In 2011, Francesca choreographed Romanian folk dances for Zalmoxis (a Romanian Play) at Georgetown University, and in 2014, she was a movement consultant for “Yellow Face” at Theater J (directed by Natsu Onoda Power), and choreographer for “Happily Ever After” at Ambassador Theater (directed by Hanna Bondarewska). Currently, she is dancing and choreographing for a feature length film “Her Tango” directed by Jason Mullis, dancing with Sharna Fabiano, Stephanie Yezek Jolivet, understudying with the Pennington Dance Group, teaching and choreographing for Orange County School of the Arts, creating her own work and teaching GYROTONIC© throughout LA. Francesca is so grateful for your support and excited to share her art. Enjoy the show!

Stephanie Y Jolivet is a dancer. She is a performer. She is a creator of movement art, and she is happiest when she has time and space to explore her artistic visions using dance, film and text. She likes to talk. She likes to use words and accents, so much so, in fact that both her undergraduate and first graduate degrees were gained in English Language and Literature. She is an Anglophile. She is becoming a Franophile as well parce que son mari est francais. One of her most treasured performance experiences occurred in India, in the artist enclave, Darpana in Gugarat, where monkeys and bats climbed and flew overhead while dancing contemporary Indian fusion and Anna Sokolow works. One of her most solidifying artistic experiences was in Omi, NY, where she was able to explore process with ten amazing artists, and where the space and food were healthful, plentiful and provided. She was a DC finalist for the 2008 “So You Think You Can Dance?” television show. She received a 2013 artist award for Solo Performance from the Maryland State Arts Council. She was a finalist in the 2009 Dance Metro DC awards for “Emerging Choreographer”. She is a second year MFA at University of California, Riverside. She teaches PILATES and GYROTONIC© and has her own online resource at

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