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Born in Namibia, Africa to Czech Parents, Francesca Jandasek is an Interdisciplinary Choreographer/Artist based in Los Angeles.


Francesca has received multiple awards and fellowships for her films, choreography, music and visual art.  She has performed in New York, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Los Angeles, San Francisco,  Russia, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Czech Republic, and Argentina.


An authorized GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Pre-trainer, Francesca also owns SOURCE STUDIO, a Gyrotonic/Pilates Studio in Los Angeles. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in dance and teaches part-time at CSULB and Cal State LA.


Theater Credits: “Don Quixote”, “Tempest”, “A Trip to the Moon”


Choreography/Concept: “The Immured Woman”, “ToGetHer”, “Gallery Space”, “Pandora’s Door”, “Ellesmere”, “Her Flowers”, “Invitations”

Film/TV Credits: Shadow” (Creator, Producer, Composer, Choreographer), “Her Tango”, “Put The Devil Back In Hell” (Creator, Composer, Choreographer. Actor) “Sexpectations” by Crisis Lab (Actor), “Anchorite” (Dancer), “Vuelvo Al Sur” by Tinto Tango (Dancer), "Leeks, Onion, and Pork Fat" (Actor), “Orpheia”(Actor, Choreographer), "The Journey" (Producer, Actor)

Life Motto: The purpose of creation is the act of creation.

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