Francesca Jandasek



A young woman encounters her shadow. 

But who is the shadow? 

Is the shadow the woman's shadow?  Or is the woman the shadow's shadow? 

Is the shadow real? Is the woman real? What is reality? 

Does it even matter, if we all fade away from memory and existence, leaving nothing behind.

My heritage incites my curiosity about the legends of Eastern Europe. While researching the Romanian Legend of the Arges Monastery (in which a pregnant woman is immured to make the walls of the monastery stand) for a full evening length show I created in 2018, I came across the belief of the “stahie,” or shadow. I was haunted by the ancient Eastern European belief and practice that in order for the walls of a building to stand, someone has to be built into the walls either physically (i.e their body), or metaphysically (i.e their shadow).

Film and Music by Francesca Jandasek

Dancers: Ashley Krost & Antonella Redekosky

Cinematography:  Gregory R.R. Crosby

Best Boy Electric: Stephanie Losleben

Costumes: Kelsey Vidic

Special Thanks to CSULB Dance

Film is currently being submitted to film festivals.