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Inspired by the art of feminist multimedia artist, Stephanie Sarley, this film contains evocative images of female sexuality told in fruit and hands.  "Genesis" comments on the consequences and emotions held within that container of female sexuality: from the seeds of passion, to the possibility of sexual assault, to the moist fleshy pulp of afterbirth or miscarriage.

Film by:  Francesca Jandasek

Music:  Francesca Jandasek

Copyright: 3/1/2023


Special Thanks:  Dan Istrate, Gregory R. R. Crosby, Jessica Soza, Stephanie Sarley, CSULB Dance


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About the Project

This is a deeply personal topic for me. Ultimately, I was questioning whether, as a woman, it was more important for me to create, or to reproduce. And, why do I have this need? Is it to achieve a sort of immortality, a way to exist beyond my existence, whether through the creation of offspring, or art creation? The shadows represent my personal struggle of being a woman artist - art creation vs. procreation. 


The biggest, most valuable, and most surprising lesson I learned came from trying to make sense out of creation, procreation, and immortality as I was attempting to redefine my purpose as a woman and as an artist. I realized creation is a paradox. We have to destroy in order to create. At every moment that we are creating, we are destroying what has come before it. In the act of making something, we are creating a new reality and destroying the old one at the same time. We are simultaneously the creator and the destroyer. Whether we create or procreate, neither leads to immortality. Any marks we make on this world will eventually fade and therefore are in vain. Maybe immortality, making a mark, is not the point after all. Maybe, in the end, it is the act of doing, which is the point of existence. This realization, that the point of creation is the act of creation, has provided an amazing freedom and inspiration as I venture out into my lifetime of further creation.


Besides the central theme being a female dilemma, this film is female created (directed, composed, performed, and edited by a woman).

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