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"The Journey" West Coast Film Premiere in Beverly Hills!

We are so excited and honored that "The Journey" has been accepted to the 15th Annual Lady Filmmakers Festival at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills.

COME CELEBRATE WITH US and view the film on the BIG SCREEN at the beautiful Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills! For tickets:

"The Journey" West Coast Film Premiere in Beverly Hills!

We are part of Program #3 on Friday, Sept 29th at 12:15 pm. Program #3 is the Dance block - so if you attend, you will see 10 beautiful artistic films that include DANCE! ***Just a heads up, the film is Rated R as it contains nudity and sexual content.

Please help spread the word and share info about the film!

The Journey

The festival will take place September 28th through October 1st and includes many other beautiful films from around the world! If you are a film lover, check it out!

"The Journey" West Coast Film Premiere in Beverly Hills!


by Wallachia International Film Festival

The Journey (Dan Istrate, 2023)

(Rated R)

We are delighted to welcome Dan Istrate, a former Wallachia IFF participant, back to our Official Competition with yet another impressive short film. Once again, Dan showcases his expertise in experimental filmmaking with a beautifully paced creation, delving into the realm of the unknown and exploring the intimacy shared by two individuals.

Dan's short film, based on the writings of Matei Visniec, one of the greatest contemporary Romanian poets, weaves a tale of platonic, idyllic love intertwined with a touch of surreal loneliness. In line with his previous works, Dan's exceptional skill lies in transforming the reality surrounding his characters into a surreal universe, where everything becomes a projection of the protagonist's perception. This artistic approach breaks down classic narrative devices and creates something entirely novel.

The collaboration between Istrate and Jandasek has consistently proven successful in Dan's previous films, and this time was no exception. Their chemistry on set is unparalleled. Francesca's femme fatale appearance and elegance add a captivating allure to the film, making her character the essential seasoning that enriches the story. Together, they achieve a remarkable level of intimacy, a pivotal element for this kind of narrative. Through their acting, a seemingly straightforward yet mysterious dialogue between two lovers evolves into a captivating journey through the depths of the unconscious mind.

The gloomy and mysterious atmosphere, meticulously crafted by cinematographer Kevin Good, played a crucial role in the film's reception. His work added a whole new dimension and rhythm to the story, surpassing the screenplay's initial intentions, and exemplifying the qualities of a talented DOP.

-Wallachia IFF


"The Journey" West Coast Film Premiere in Beverly Hills

"The Journey" West Coast Film Premiere in Beverly Hills!


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