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ToGetHer: UPCOMING PERFORMANCE at Highways in Santa Monica

One moment. Infinity of possibilities. The violence of choice.

​​ToGetHer (by Francesca Jandasek) is a multimedia work exploring the before and after of a lifetime of moments between two people. ToGetHer includes movement and original artwork, music and text, which, when combined, create​ a unique amalgam of visual, aural and kinesthetic experiences​. The feel of this work alternates between an atmosphere of time-lapse and slow motion ​moments underscored by unique movement, which illustrates the story through connected vignettes. The sound​track punctuates the different movement vocabularies and the artwork is woven into the performance through video projections.

Friday + Saturday, March 18 + 19 @ 8.30pm $20 general admission / $15 members, students, seniors

For more info and to get tickets, CLICK HERE!

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