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Testimonials from Francesca's GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Clients

Francesca is patient, kind and encouraging. I appreciated her attention to detail and focus on correct form.  I was injured at the time and she picked just the right exercises that allowed me to advance, learn and heal – all at the same time.

- Carolina M.

I did my GYROTONIC® Pretraining with Francesca. She is an amazing teacher for many reasons, but my favorite two things are that she is great at coming up with ways to help you remember what you're supposed to be doing and she is very thorough.  Francesca will stop at nothing to help explain a movement sequence so it makes sense to you and you remember it, whether it's by telling a funny or silly story, making crazy jokes, or dancing around herself. If one method doesn't quite take, she's very quick to come up with a new analogy or terrible pun until she hits on something that works well for you. She was able to do this in a class of several people, and we were all entertained along with learning our material. Learning is easier and more fun the more engaged you are, and thanks to Francesca, we were consistently focused.  Underneath the fun, Francesca is super detailed and makes you work hard. Even while focused on a particular limb or pattern of movement, she pays attention to the way your whole body is moving and so her corrections are really effective. She pointed out my tendency to sickle my feet, and I was already aware that I do that, but hadn't connected up the way it was affecting some of my other movements. I went from viewing it as a minor issue of GYROTONIC® form that I could probably correct easily if I thought about it, to understanding that it contributes to inefficient alignment as I run and walk and actually takes a lot of effort to improve. Thanks, Francesca!!

-Julia C.

As an instructor Francesca has a very friendly, open personality that made me feel at ease and feel like I could learn how to do the movements. As a dancer, she is able to demonstrate the artistic elements found in the movements and explain their origins as well as their relationship to tai chi and yoga. She is very good at watching how each student does the movements and providing individualized instruction to make sure we get it right. I like her generous spirit and she is a fun person to be around!  I want to thank her for introducing me to Gyrokinesis.  Taking Gyrokinesis classes made me aware of  how I sit, stand and move my body, and for the first time in 20 years I now feel I can change how I do those things because I now know the right way to do it. My flexibility has significantly increased and when I experience pain, I can now do the exercises and it is immediately alleviated. My posture has improved tremendously and I have strengthened my core region since starting to take classes.  It has really changed my life for the better.

-Angela F.


I enjoyed taking classes from Francesca and looked forward to them each time. A lot of that was that I trusted her to be able to help my aches and pains feel better, while at the same time gaining more flexibility and strength through movement. She was able to explain the desired movements and exercises in creative ways so that if we did not understand at first what we were supposed to do, she found a way for us to visualize it.  For example the way she explained the pointed foot has helped me immensely and I no longer have the foot and leg cramps as a result.   She teaches in a gentle but precise manner that is very encouraging.  

-Rebecca H.


Francesca is a dynamic teacher.  My classes with her were therapy to make my muscles stronger and it wasn’t always easy for me.  However, she never wasted any of my physical energy or mental energy during class with too many words.  It felt like all my effort went directly to getting my muscles stronger -  she was so efficient as a teacher.  I remember she would speed me up and keep my flow even - but never talk about it - then after doing that set of exercising or stretching I would realize what she did - you made me move faster!!!  She is such a little genius!!

-Kathy N.


I have to say what I most enjoyed about Francesca’s classes was really her kind and gentle attitude, calm voice, and clear description/instruction, and consistent instruction.  The GYROKINESIS® method encourages such a different use of the body, and as an instructor, she was unbelievably patient and encouraging as we all tried new poses.  She was thorough, without being overly aggressive, encouraging us to always do a little more than we thought we could.  I think that Francesca’s incredible diversity of experience is a huge asset.  It was really great to be in a class with an instructor that was focused on improving how we use our bodies and not stuck in the mindset that the sole purpose of exercise/movement is to look a certain way.

-Monica J.

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