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I am so grateful to all of the wonderful, talented and kind people who have inspired me, encouraged me, supported me, taught me and helped me do what I love.


To learn more about the amazing people in my life and their beautiful work, click on the links below.

I am so grateful for:


  • My brilliant and kind sister, Barbara Jandasek, who always believed in me and always watched my back ever since we were little.

  • My dad, Vladislav Jandasek, who taught me piano, encouraged my curiosity, my love of music and taught me to love books, writing, nature, science and world languages.

  • My mom, Nadezda Jandasek, who encouraged my love of art and food, taught me to be kind, taught me how to read and write Czech, and put me in dance classes as a desperate attempt to help address my posture and lack of coordination.

  • The talented and handsome love of my life and incredible actor, Dan Istrate, for encouraging me to do what I love and follow my dreams.

  • My amazing friend and beautiful dancer, choreographer, pilates and gyrotonic instructor (Sayezz Pilates & Beyond) and business partner, Stephanie Yezek Jolivet, for creating awesome work with me and keeping me motivated.

  • My simultaneously sanest and craziest brilliant friend, Ludovic Jolivet, for being an amazing artist, choreographer and filmmaker and always telling me the truth even when I don't want to hear it.  And for making me get my motorcycle license.   

  • My super long-time, truest, bestest of friends, Mark Malloy, for always being there for me, and for being hillarious and quirky and totally himself.


Thank you to the many Inpiring Teachers, Mentors, Artists and Wonderful Friends without whom I wouldn't be who I am today. 






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