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Francesca Jandasek is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Her work brings together movement, music, sound, theater, film and visual art.

A Creative Life

Born in Namibia, Africa from Czech Parents who fled Communism and growing up in the United States with English as my second language, dance and other forms of art provided a refuge and a way to communicate ideas and emotions through a medium that does not need translation.


As world traveler and global citizen, I am interested in exploring what gives us life and what destroys us.  I am fascinated by what we know and even more by what we do not know. I am inspired by the things I cannot explain, the things I cannot articulate, the stories I extrapolate. I want to share these discoveries and wonderings with others and learn from shared insight.


I explore aspects of my own life that I do not know how to quantify, wrap my head around and that cannot be neatly resolved. I let people into my inner world and share what I cannot explain in words, what is not visible to others as I go about my daily business, and what would otherwise remain contained as daily routines make us compartmentalize in order to survive.


Sometimes I put my aspirations and desires into art in order to help make them manifest. Sometimes I put my pain, my fear, my sorrow, my past experiences into art in order to let them go and help lighten the burden. Sometimes I put my questions and my issues into my art so that I can gain insight from others. Sometimes I share the things I love, that bring me joy and inspire me.

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