Francesca Jandasek



Adaptation of Day 3, Story 10 from the Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio

“Put the Devil Back in Hell”

Film by Francesca Jandasek

Directed by:  Francesca Jandasek

Camera:  Dan Istrate, Ludovic Jolivet, Francesca Jandasek

Video Editing:  Ludovic Jolivet

Sound Editing:  Francesca Jandasek

Music Composition:  Francesca Jandasek

Cast:  Francesca Jandasek, Dan Istrate


Alibech, on her journey to find God, experiences a sexual awakening.

SEE IT HERE starting July 11th!

Film is currently being submitted to film festivals.


Considered THE bawdiest of the Decameron stories, parts of this story weren't even originally translated into English because they were considered too naughty! Need proof? Read on…

Here is the full translation of Day 3 Story 10 - the story from the Decameron that I adapted for the film.


A background on the Decameron...

“In the face of the Black Death, the pandemic that ravaged 14th-century Europe, Giovanni Boccaccio wrote at the time, “all the wisdom and ingenuity of man were unavailing.” Well, maybe not all: Boccaccio’s masterpiece “The Decameron” imagines 10 young people fleeing the plague-swept city of Florence for the relative safety of the countryside, where their pastimes include telling 100 stories, including innuendo-threaded romps, moral parables and tragic romances." (#WashingtonPost)