Dan Istrate




Adaptation of Day 1, Story 10 from the Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio

“Leeks, Onions, and Pork Fat”

Film by Dan Istrate

Directed and Edited by:  Ludovic Jolivet

Producers: Francesca Jandasek, Dan Istrate

Camera Operators:  Ludovic Jolivet, Stephanie Yezek Jolivet

Makeup:  Francesca Jandasek

Cast: Dan Istrate, Francesca Jandasek, Stephanie Yezek Jolivet, Chloe Cat

Music:  La Promesa by Tula Ben Ari, Tango Butterfly by Ilya Truhanov, Mashu Hazak by Oved Pinchover Quartet, Goodbye Youth Tango by Ilya Truhanov


Alberto experiences an unexpected connection when his daily rhythm is interrupted by

two beautiful younger women.

SEE IT HERE starting July 15th!


Film is currently being submitted to film festivals.

A background on the Decameron...

“In the face of the Black Death, the pandemic that ravaged 14th-century Europe, Giovanni Boccaccio wrote at the time, “all the wisdom and ingenuity of man were unavailing.” Well, maybe not all: Boccaccio’s masterpiece “The Decameron” imagines 10 young people fleeing the plague-swept city of Florence for the relative safety of the countryside, where their pastimes include telling 100 stories, including innuendo-threaded romps, moral parables and tragic romances." (#WashingtonPost)